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Weekly Davening Schedule

*Plag Mincha-Maariv is intended exclusively for those under the pressing circumstances of she'at ha-dechak (Sh"A O"Ch 233:1)

^Minyanim in the Beis Medrash, listed above will be broadcast via the CBY Internet Minyan.

#קריאת שמע should be repeated after 9:00 pm.

Day of Learning  Sponsorships

6/5/2023    16 Sivan  

Genia & Lee Kaminetzky, for the refuah shleimah of Emuna Shprintza bat Miriam Ayala.
Richard Rosenberg, in memory of his mother Aidel bat Yosef z"l.
Sammy Zimmerman & Family, in memory of his mother Elka Jana bat Chaim Shalom HaKohen z"l.

6/6/2023    17 Sivan 

Genia & Lee Kaminetzky for the refuah shleimah of Eliezer ben Zlotta Zehuva.
*Norman Sohn, in memory of Norman's aunt Sarah bat Elazar z"l.
*Rachelle & Saul Stepner, in memory of Saul's father Yaakov ben Chaim Meir z"l.

6/7/2023    18 Sivan    *Gina Frommer, in memory of her father Shlomo Yehuda ben Issaschar Dov HaLevi z"l.

6/8/2023    19 Sivan  

Genia & Lee Kaminetzky for the Refuah Shleimah of Yosef Mordechai ben Miriam Ayala.
*Danny Metzger, in memory of Danny's mother Esther bat Avraham z"l.

6/9/2023    20 Sivan    

*Shmuel Mozorosky, in memory of his father Tuvia Chaim ben Shmuel z"l.

Tue, June 6 2023 17 Sivan 5783