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IDF Kiddush  2020

The CBY Men’s Club sponsors a Kiddush in honor of the IDF, as we try to do our share
in supporting and contributing to the defense of Israel.  The Kiddush will honor all of our children and grandchildren who have served in Tzahal in the past and who are currently on active duty.

We also memorialize and remember our very own Ilan Tokayer, a”h,
who served valiantly in an IDF combat unit from 2005-2006.
Funds collected will be allocated to four very worthy organizations: 
•         Yashar LaChayal (,
•         Bishvil Hamachar (,
•         Friends of the IDF (, and
•        Beit Almog Shilony (


Mon, July 6 2020 14 Tammuz 5780