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Weekday Minyan Schedule

*Due to limited capacity allowance in the Sephardic Minyan (formerly Moroccan Minyan), anyone interested in attending must pre-register through

This Week's Online Learning Opportunities

Please note that a number of our shiurim, now require passwords to enter the zoom conference.  Please click on the image to access the live links for each shiur. 

Day of Learning  Sponsorships

10/30/2020    12 Cheshvan

Mark Gruenbaum in memory of his mother Yehudit Bat Yosef HaLevi z"l.
Sander Srulowitz, in  memory of his mother Sara Leah bat Avraham Chaim Yehuda HaKohen z"l.

10/31/2020    13 Cheshvan

*Helen & Manny Adler, in memory of Helen's mother Yittel bat Binyamin Zev z"l.
*Stanley Fischman, in memory of his father Netanel ben Moshe z"l.
Lori & Stan Steinreich, in memory of Stan's father Mordechai ben Hershel z"l.
Beth & Ronnie Stern, in memory of Ronnie's father Chaim Yirmiyahu ben Yozpa Yoel z"l.
Fran Weinberg, in memory of her mother Sheindel Perel bat Moshe z"l.

11/1/2020    14 Cheshvan

*Jerry Friedman, in memory of his father Yechezkel Aharon ben Yosef Yehuda z"l.
*David Katz, in memory of his father HaRav Pesach Chaim ben HaRav Shalom z"l.

11/2/2020    15 Cheshvan

Sandi Grodko, in memory of her mother Breindel bat Eliezer Yaakov z"l.
Judith Werblowsky, in memory of her mother Alta Chava Malka bat HaRav Avraham Yosef z"l.

11/3/2020    16 Cheshvan    Mark Kook, in memory of his father Moshe ben Yosaf z"l.

Sat, October 31 2020 13 Cheshvan 5781