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As of Thursday, March 12, 2020 at 11:15 pm, CBY will be closed. 

Today's Day of Learning:

3/27/2020  2 Nisan

Harold Keiser, in memory of his father Ben Zion Leib ben Shlomo Zalman z"l.

3/28/2020  3 Nisan

Linda & Leib Koyfman, in memory of Linda's aunt Chaya Hinda bat Avraham Shlomo z"l.

Chaim Rotblat, in memory of his mother Golda Rochel bat Eliyahu Isaac z"l.

3/29/2020  4 Nisan

*Saul Bodenheimer, in memory of his father Binyamin ben Baruch z"l.

Sandy Gross, in memory of her father HaRav Yosef ben HaRav Eliahu Mordechai HaKohen z"l.

3/30/2020  5 Nisan

Sorah Birnbaum, in memory of her mother, Shaindel bat Yehoshea Mordechai z"l.

3/31/2020  6 Nisan

*Arthur Greenberg, in memory of his father Yaakov ben Rav Aharon z"l.

Shirley & Steven Rudolph, in memory of Shirley's father, Aryeh Leib ben Reuven z"l.

Galina & Alex Staroff, in memory of Galina's father Moshe ben Bentzion z"l.

Online Davening & Learning -  Week of March 22, 2020

Sat, March 28 2020 3 Nisan 5780