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Weekday Minyan Schedule

^Please note the 6:10/6:15 am weekday shacharit is now taking place in the New Main.

The Sunday, 6:25 am shacharit remains in the Old Main.

*Due to limited capacity allowance in the Sephardic Minyan, anyone interested in attending must pre-register through

This Week's Online Learning Opportunities

Please note that a number of our shiurim, now require passwords to enter the zoom conference.  Please click on the image to access the live links for each shiur. 

Day of Learning  Sponsorships

1/19/2021    6 Shevat    

1/20/2021    7 Shevat 

*Jack Forgash, in memory of his father Yitzchok ben R' Eliyahu z"l.

1/21/2021    8 Shevat

Susan Polevoy, in memory of her grandfather Emanuel ben Avraham z"l.
David Wisotsky, in memory of his mother Shoshana bat Moshe Eliezer z"l.

1/22/2021    9 Shevat 

Howard Fisher, in memory of his mother Phyllis Fisher z"l.

1/23/2021    10 Shevat

 *Saul Kaszovitz, in  memory of his father Gedaliah Yitzchak ben Shmuel Yosef z"l.

1/24/2021    11 Shevat 

*Debbi Silverman, in memory of her father Yehuda ben Yonah z"l.
*Steven Styler, in memory of his mother Bluma Anka bat Shmuel Zev z"l.
Judith Werblowsky, in memory of her father HaRav Shmuel ben Michael z"l.

1/25/2021    12 Shevat 

*Terry Aranoff, in memory of his father Mordechai ben Aharon HaKohen z"l.
Nettie & Yank Berenholz, in memory of their daughter Nechama bat Nachum Yakov z"l.
*Michael Naiman, in memory of his father Yisrael ben Yechiel Michel z"l.
Yossi Podolski, in memory of his mother Chana bat Aryeh Leib z"l.
*Rafe & Simmy Safier, in memory of their father Aharon ben Shlomo Dovid z"l.
*Norman Sohn, in memory of Norman's wife Yehudit Baar bat Shimon Shalom z”l.
*Nicole Victor, in memory of Nicole’s mother Esther bat Yeshaya z”l.

1/26/2021    13 Shevat 

Gitty Fishkin, in memory of her brother Eliyahu Chaim ben HaRav Yechiel z"l.
*Donna Hoenig, in memory of her father, Yaakov Koppel ben Moshe z”l.
*Steven Margulies, in memory of his grandfather, Moshe ben Meier z”l.

Tue, January 19 2021 6 Shevat 5781