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Weekday Minyan Schedule

This Week's Online Learning Opportunities

Please note that a number of our shiurim, now require passwords to enter the zoom conference.  Please click on the image to access the live links for each shiur. 

Day of Learning  Sponsorships

9/29/2020    11 Tishrei 

Debby Sondheim, in memory of her father Eliezer Tzvi ben Yehudah z"l.

9/30/2020    12 Tishrei 

10/1/2020    13 Tishrei 

*Arthur Breslau, in memory of his wife Chaya Leah bat Yisroel z"l.

*Philip Klein, in memory of his father Avraham Abish ben Shimon Shraga HaLevi z"l.

10/2/2020    14 Tishrei    

Thu, October 1 2020 13 Tishrei 5781