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Weekday Minyan Schedule

*Plag Mincha-Maariv is intended exclusively for those under the pressing circumstances of she'at ha-dechak (Sh"A O"Ch 233:1)

#קריאת שמע should be repeated after 9:15 pm. 

^The CBY Internet Minyan can be accessed by clicking HERE. It is sponsored by Bibi, Dov, Kelly, Liz & Abby Pavel in memory of Bibi's mother Miriam bat Betzalel Yehuda. All minyanim scheduled to take place in the Beis Medrash, as listed above, will be broadcast.

Day of Learning  Sponsorships


5/26/2022    25 Iyar  

*Brenda Hanauer, in memory of her mother Hindel bat Yisrael HaLevi z"l.
*Danny Klein, in memory of his mother Chava Rachel bat Shmuel z"l.
*Arturo Stern, in memory of his father Moshe ben Avraham Shmuel Binyamin h"yd.
*Melvin Zelefsky, in memory of his father Avraham Yitzchak Pinchas ben Tzvi z"l.

5/27/2022    26 Iyar    

5/28/2022    27 Iyar  

Evelyn Gellman, in memory of her mother Yehudis bat HaRav Yaakov z"l.
Ann & Nathan Gottlieb and Jenny Fishkin, in memory of Ann and Jenny's father, Moshe ben HaRav Nussen Nuta z"l.

5/29/2022    28 Iyar  

Abraham Levine, in memory of his daughter, Tova Yehudith bat Avraham Yitzchak z"l.
Abraham Levine, in memory of his mother Sheine Fruma bat Noach Gershon HaLevi z"l.
*Susan Rosenbaum, in memory of her uncle Eliezer Tzvi ben Avrohom z"l.

5/30/2022    29 Iyar  

Linda Appel, in memory of her husband, Moshe Yosef ben Yitzchak z"l.
*Dr. Selwyn Levine & Family, in memory of Selwyn's mother Chaya bat Michoel z"l.
Robert Wurzburger, in  memory of his father Binyamin Zev ben Tzadok z"l.

Thu, May 26 2022 25 Iyar 5782