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Weekday Minyan Schedule

#קריאת שמע should be repeated after 6:45 pm. 

^The CBY Internet Minyan can be accessed by clicking HERE. It is sponsored by Bibi, Dov, Kelly, Liz & Abby Pavel in memory of Bibi's mother Miriam bat Betzalel Yehuda. All minyanim scheduled to take place in the Beis Medrash, as listed above, will be broadcast.

This Week's Online Learning Opportunities

Please click on the image to access the live links for each shiur. 


Day of Learning  Sponsorships

12/3/2021    29 Kislev  

*Helen Spiro, in memory of her mother Hannah bat Pinchas z"l.

12/4/2021    30 Kislev 

Elysia & Marc Stein, in memory of Elysia's stepfather Tzvi ben Shlomo Menachem z"l.

12/5/2021    1 Tevet  

*Sam Vogel, in memory of his mother in law Miriam bat Yehuda Leib z"l.
Carol Wurzburger, in memory of her mother Sarah Rivkah bat Avraham Nachim z"l.

12/6/2021    2 Tevet 

*Emanuel & Helen Adler, in memory of Manny's father Harav Yaakov Mordechai ben Gershon z"l.
Sarah Schleifer, in memory of her father HaRav Eliyahu Yaakov ben Mordechai Yosef z"l.

12/7/2021    3 Tevet    

Ruth & Philip Roth, in memory of their son Yonatan Aryeh ben Yitzchak Shraga z"l.

12/8/2021    4 Tevet  

Nettie & Yank Berenholz, in memory of Nettie's mother Gittel bat HaRav Yehudah Leib z"l.
Maddie & Bob Friedbauer, in memory of Maddie's mother Rachel bat Shlomo Nosson z"l.
Vivian Gross, in memory of her father Meir ben Shinon HaKohen z"l.
Reena Novogrodsky, in memory of her father Yeshaya Nossen Nata ben Yitzchak Meir z"l.
Sara & Daniel Walzman, in memory of Sara's father Dovid ben Isser z"l.

12/9/2021    5 Tevet  

12/10/2021    6 Tevet  

R' Meier Brueckheimer, in memory of his mother Rachel bat Yissachar z"l.
*Ari Wartelsky, in memory of his mother Malka Perel bat Yitzchak Yaakov z"l.

Sat, December 4 2021 30 Kislev 5782